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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Samsung's Upcoming New Galaxy S9 could be copy this iPhone X's signature features

(Image: Apple)

We all know that Samsung always following Apple. When a iPhone device releases we always seeing that the new features in the iPhone found on Samsung's devices. But in this Samsung again could be copy the key features of iPhone X as reports said.

1. The All-Screen Design

As we know the new iPhone X comes with a all-screen display design. Though this feature was already available in the Samsung's Galaxy S8 even before the iPhone X was announced, but this time Samsung again going to copy the display feature of iPhone X on their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9.

2. The All New TrueDepth Camera aka Face ID

In this year Apple introduced a notch at the top of iPhone X. They called it a tiny space where basically a miniature kinect that can scan faces in 3D, providing more security, which is used to unlock the device. But Samsung will be introduced it next year on it's Galaxy S9 which could be a '3D sensor front camera', basically Samsung's own version of TrueDepth Camera. The face unlock feature is available in Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

My final word is to say that it will be great for the android lovers to get the most out of current gen smartphone features by Samsung.

To know more about the Samsung's Face ID we need to wait a long way up.

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